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DELIRIUM NOCTURNUM: House of Iron (E-Book)

DELIRIUM NOCTURNUM: House of Iron (E-Book)

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An action-packed sapphic vampire tale that spirals through spaces both physical and conceptual, disrupting the boundaries between masculinity and femininity, friend and lover, savior and oppressor. House of Iron features a genderqueer heroine running from their past, a found family experiencing growing pains, and a macabre dance of the dead that will leave you breathless and afraid to ask for more.

I’ve always existed in the most liminal spaces: masculine or feminine, monster or hero, living or dead. I never really wanted to stay anywhere or be anyone for very long until my sisters found me, and for the briefest of moments, I had a real home. In the afterlife I became a new person; the kind of person that I never dreamt that I could be when I lived, and I committed myself to making sure that no other child had to endure the pain that created me. I believe in our work, so when my sisters break their vow never to take mates I want to be happy for them, but the truth is that I’m spiraling. I’m so alone again and that’s when she walks into my afterlife, my Vivienne, the only woman I’ve ever met who understands that sometimes, the only way to live with yourself is to keep becoming someone else. Now I want to be the person that she needs me to be, but what if that means resurrecting all the selves that I’ve worked so hard to bury? 

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