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DELIRIUM NOCTURNUM: House of Stone (E-Book)

DELIRIUM NOCTURNUM: House of Stone (E-Book)

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From romantic horror author Rojana Krait comes a lesbian vampire tale blurring the lines between pleasure and pain, good and evil, and freedom and bondage. House of Stone is an enemies to lovers thousand year age gap romance between two ice queens who want to love each other almost as much as they want to destroy each other.

I’m an elder, a sister, a mother to my girls and there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to keep them safe but my attempts at protecting them from their own desires have backfired. One by one, they’ve spread their dark wings and left the ice-encrusted safety of our coven. They’ve found love but I’ll always be alone. A millennia of self-flagellation hasn’t cleansed me of my dark secret; I crave blood but not nearly as much as I crave pain. When an enemy falls into my lair I think that I can distract myself by indulging in my depraved fantasies but this woman is different. Everything I give, she takes, and if I can’t get her under control I’m afraid that I’ll be the one begging her for mercy.

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