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DELIRIUM NOCTURNUM: House of Sand (E-Book)

DELIRIUM NOCTURNUM: House of Sand (E-Book)

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A sapphic vampire tale that blazes through the boundaries between physical and emotional bondage, love and pain, given and found family, and the myriad complicated relationships that women form with one another. House of Sand features an ice queen on the brink of shattering, a topsy-turvy take on the grumpy sunshine trope, and a slow-burn, masc x femme love story with an ending that's both heartbreaking and HEA.

I broke the chains that bound me at birth but I’ll never escape from the shackles of love and duty, irons that get heavier with each passing year, threatening to pull me down into an abyss of madness and pain. I don’t think I can bear the weight of yet another lost soul but when my soulmate is thrust into my world broken and afraid, I get a brief taste of the only magic that can save me from drowning in the murky waters of the womb. This spiraling angel is searching for her savior, but how can I be the hero she needs when I’m slowly being poisoned by my own blood?

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